All in the Genes

All in the Genes
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The sexy never stop..! (Sexxxy Saturday Writing Prompt)

Yes, it's true...there are those times when life takes you in new directions and throws curveballs and hides the dice...but the sexy never stop.  So, sweet readers, while I haven't been doing much here lately, I've certainly been doing a lot and pretty soon the action will heat up even more.

For today though, I thought I'd reboot you with this Sexxxy Saturday Prompt to get your juices flowing.

"Wow," she said, the perfectly red apple held lightly in her hand, "I never knew it could do that!"

What is she talking about? What just happened (or is about to happen)?

Come back here tomorrow for the Sunday Share and find out my version...and write your own and link back here...

Stay Sexy,

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