All in the Genes

All in the Genes
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Monday, March 26, 2012

ChocPrompt: Steal Five minutes for yourself today

Steal five minutes for yourself today

Meetings, meetings, lunch date with a friend and then an evening working session with the new design team working on her client's house...days like this were Not days to suddenly discover a run in her nylons.  She barely had five minutes to run into the minimart to get a new pair before she would be late for that team gathering.  In the bathroom of minimart she slid the ruined pair off her slim legs and slipped on the new pair.  She took a moment to wash her hands and as she did, she splashed a gout of water out of the sink onto her silk skirt.

Damn damn double damn.  It would never towel off in time, but she noticed the air hand dryer and nudged closer to it, tapping the button to blow dry the damn thing.

The rush of warm air was stronger than she imagined it would be, and as she spread the fabric of the skirt out to get maximum air flow, the heavy blast was channeled directly down the waistband of the skirt and she shivered as it blew across her sex, a hot pressure that felt...good...

Better than good, in fact.  She caught her breath as the blowing air stroked the little pearl of flesh just behind the thin fabric that stretched across her mound, and twisted slightly to allow the full force of the airstream to drum against her now sensitive inner flesh. It was noisy, so she didn't worry about the little moan she let out as her lower lips seemed to part in eager welcome of the hot pressure.  One hand held onto the sink, the other kept the button of the dryer pressed down to keep the fan inside running.

Her hips twitched,thusting forward as the heat spread from the stimulated vulva to her inner core, where wetness spread in direct opposition to the purpose of the dryer.  The pressure grew as she angled closer to the mouth of the dryer, her tender flesh pink and swollen, quivering with the relentless onslaught.  Another moan, louder, but still drowned out by the noise of the machine, and she gripped the sink harder to keep her knees from buckling at the sensations that gripped her.

Suddenly, the pressure of the air hit some secret place just inside her, and she came, a sharp thrusting of her hips as she desperately fucked the air that pressed inside, stimulating every pink fold of her entrance. Her hand slipped off the power button and the stream of air faded with a whir as she melted against the cool support of the porcelain sink, breath hitching with the unexpected suddenness of her orgasm.

Still wet inside, but dry outside and with run-free nylons, she slipped out of the bathroom and back into her day.