All in the Genes

All in the Genes
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wank Wednesday: Box

It sat on the table...staring at me.

As much as a pale blue cube with a tiny gold bow on it can stare at anybody.

Not only was it staring at me, but staring at me reproachfully.

So when Phil walked up behind me and pressed his naked form into my bare backside, I happily welcomed the distraction and let him pull me away from the dining room and into the living room. We never did it in the bedroom. 

I knelt in front of him, filling my vision with the sight of his smooth belly and my mouth with the solid heat of his erect cock.

After, when I lay in his arms, he stroked my hair.  I tried to close off the feeling that it was still watching me, and when Phil's hands moved from my hair to my breasts and down between my legs, his fingers brought shivers of pleasure that blocked out that feeling of being observed.  When I shuddered and gasped, all thoughts vanished and I had that moment of blessed peace that I've only ever known in Phil's arms.

But eventually, I had to come back to myself.  And when I did, and Phil was dressed and getting ready to leave, I was once again entranced by the gaze of that little blue box.

I knew what was in it.  And what I had to do.

Phil was behind me again, his whispered question in my ear the last thing I would hear from him if I took the path I knew I would have to take.

"Are you going to tell him yes?"


(Thanks to the fantastic Ruby for the prompt, read more fantasticly sexy inspirations on her webpage here